Boozoo Chavis

Live at Habibi Temple
  1. Do It All Night
  2. Suzy Q
  3. Motor Dude Special
  4. Grand Mary's Two Step
  5. Tee Black
  6. Johnnie Billie Goat
  7. Tell Me What's The Matter
  8. Boozoo's Breakdown
  9. Paper In My Shoe
  10. Boozoo, That's Who
  11. Lula Lula Don't You Go To Bingo
  12. Don't Worry About Boozoo
  13. Worried Life

 やはりZYDECOはライブでしょう。スタジオ録音盤とはまた違ったハイ・テンションを楽しめる。 地元Lake Charlesでのライブ録音。

Boozoo Thats Who
Rounder / 1993
  1. Lula Lula Don't You Go To Bingo
  2. Boozoo's Payback
  3. I'm Going To The Country To Get Me A Mojo Hand
  4. Grand Mary's Two Step
  5. You Used To Call Me
  6. Boozoo, That's Who
  7. Oh Bye Mon Neg
  8. Billy Goat Number Three
  9. Oh Black Gal
  10. Oh Bye Bye
  11. Went To New York
  12. Big Leg Woman
  13. Oh Ya Oh Ya My Foot Hurts
  14. Boozoo's Shuffle


Boozoo, that's who!