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Live Recording Series Vol.1
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1.Nonc Adam
Recorded live at Rooster Northside November 27, 2010

2.Creole Stomp
Recorded live at Bayou Gate August 6, 2011

3.Amede Two Step
Recorded live at Free Flow Ranch March 14, 2009

4.Lula Lula Don’t You Go To Bingo
Recorded live at Groover's Paradise September 5, 2009

5.Dog Hill~Johnnie Billy Goat
Recorded live at Thumbs Up August 23, 2008

6.Do It All Night
Recorded live at Chicken Shack August 27, 2011
Guest Rubboard : Ohmori Akiko, Yoshida Noriko
7.Give Him Cornbread
Recorded live at Groover’s Paradise May 28, 2011